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ESO Events 2022: Zeal of Zenithar Guide

Michel ZMay 17th, 2022

The Zeal of Zenithar is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online on June 30th 2022. During this new event, you can save a lot of TESO gold on house purchases, traveling, gear repairing, etc. Joining the event nets you a lot of rewards, and you also have the opportunity to get the fragments needed for your Indrik mount collection.

Best Cards to Have in Tales of Tribute of ESO

Michel ZMay 12th, 2022

Tales of Tribute is a Collectible Card Game that will be released with the new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online – High Isle. When you win the game, you will get a box called Tribute Victory, which contains excellent rewards. If you want to know which cards will be the most helpful for you, this is a guide you don't want to miss out on.

How to Get the Aurelic Quasigriff Mount in ESO

Michel ZMay 03rd, 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, players can earn the Aurelic Quasigriff mount in The Elder Scrolls Online. To get it, you first need to summon an illusion of a small, fiery dragon pet called Soulfire Dragon Illusion. For more details on getting the Aurelic Quasigriff mount, please read on.

How to Get All the Indrik Mounts of ESO in 2022

Michel ZApril 29th, 2022

The Indrik mounts of ESO will return in 2022! With the release of the High Isle Update (June 2022), players can get the Indrik mounts they missed out on by interacting with an Indrik Vendor during the events in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Stamina Dragonknight PvE Build for ESO Ascending Tide

Michel ZMarch 17th, 2022

Welcome to the Stamina Dragonknigh build for The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tide. This build is relatively easy to use, and it relies on strong poison DoT damage and Dragonknight's unique gameplay to defeat enemies. Your only concern should be keeping your potions and DoTs active.

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022

Michel ZMarch 14th, 2022

In 2022, the Jester's Festival of The Elder Scrolls Online begins on March 31, at 10:00 AM EDT, and it will continue until April 7, at 10:00 AM EDT. This event grants players a 100% XP buff, making it an excellent opportunity to level up fast in ESO.

Magicka Dragonknight Solo Build for ESO Ascending Tide

Michel ZMarch 03rd, 2022

In the upcoming Update 33 of The Elder Scrolls Online, Dragonknights are getting a huge buff to one of their best abilities – Burning Embers, making the Dragonknights much stronger. If you are looking for a solo build that can hit hard and survive easily as a Dragonknight, then this is the guide for you.

How to Level Legerdemain Fast in ESO

Michel ZFebruary 24th, 2022

Stealing is a fun way to get ESO gold and items. If you like stealing and want to make money through this activity, then ranking up your Legerdemain can be helpful. In this guide, MmoGah shares with you two best ways to level up Legerdemain fast in The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Alchemy Power Leveling Guide

Michel ZFebruary 17th, 2022

Alchemy is a Crafting profession that allows you to get money fast in ESO by making valuable potions and poisons. This guide shows you how to get Alchemy to level 50 within 20 minutes in The Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Events 2022: Whitestrake's Mayhem Event Starts February 17th

Michel ZFebruary 14th, 2022

The Whitestrake's Mayhem event is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online on February 17, at 10 AM EST. During this PvP-focused event, you can get double Alliance Points and experience for player kills.

ESO Money Making: Best Overland Sets to Farm

Michel ZFebruary 09th, 2022

Farming Overland sets is one of the best ways to get rich in The Elder Scrolls Online while playing the game. ArzyeL Gaming will list the most valuable and popular Overland sets that you can farm and sell for a good amount of gold in ESO.

Best Armor Sets for Solo in ESO

Michel ZJanuary 26th, 2022

Welcome to Hack The Minotaur's top picks for the best solo armor sets in The Elder Scrolls Online. Attempting to solo world bosses, veteran solo arenas, and veteran group dungeons can be a major challenge, so having these sets will make a big difference whether you need better survival, damage, or sustain.

ESO Events 2022: Daedric War Celebration Event Guide

Michel ZJanuary 18th, 2022

The Daedric War Celebration Event of The Elder Scrolls Online begins January 20 at 10 AM EST and runs until February 1, at 10 AM EST. In this guide, Tianlein talks about what rewards you will get during the event.

10 Best Ways to Make Gold in ESO 2022

Michel ZJanuary 12th, 2022

As the most common form of currency, gold is vital for success in The Elder Scrolls Online. The more gold you have, the better. How to get rich in ESO? In this guide, ArzyeL Gaming will show you the ten best gold-making methods in ESO for 2022.

What Is the Best Solo Class in ESO for PvE 2022

Michel ZJanuary 07th, 2022

Welcome to Lucky Ghost's solo class tier list for ESO PvE. 2021 has been filled with adjustments to many of The Elder Scrolls Online classes. These adjustments lifted some of the classes from the bottom of the pack while cutting others down from the top. If you want to know the best solo class in ESO right now, please read on.

How to Buy Crowns with Gold in ESO

Michel ZDecember 29th, 2021

Can I buy Crowns with gold in ESO? The answer is – Yes, but not directly. Arttea's video briefly details how it works and how to safely buy Crowns with gold or sell Crowns for gold in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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