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Is It Safe to Buy Archeage Gold at MmoGah

John Ryan August 26th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Similar to other game players like FFXIV players and Wowers, ArcheAge adventurers also would like to choose third party to buy ArcheAge Gold. However, here is a problem that almost all adventurers are more or less worried about whether you can buy Safe ArcheAge Gold, especially your ArcheAge Gold may get removed by Trion at present.

archeage gold compensation

As for Safe ArcheAge Gold, MmoGah always suggests that our customers buy ArcheAge Gold via Auction House (which is the safest delivery method now) and had better put different items on Auction House that is not so obvious.


As for ArcheAge Gold Compensation, if the gold you received from us via Auction House gets removed within 24 hours, we'll deliver it again after the verification. (Please use up the gold you buy as soon as fast. If more than half of the gold gets removed, the max amount that we can compensate is 1/10 of the gold that you buy from us.)

Here, Mmogah wants to remind all our customers that you have to provide three proofs in the following parts (we need your valid screenshots):

      1) Time: The time of the ArcheAge Gold removed must be within 24 hours since your order is completed.


      2) Character: The ArcheAge-Gold-removed character must be the same as the character of buying gold.


                3) Gold Number: If more than half of the gold gets removed, the max amount that we can compensate is 1/10 of the gold that you buy from us.


After you provide proofs, we need to check the three proofs, please wait for a moment! If you have gone through verification, MmoGah will immediately give gold compensation to you. So, you should know that it is not easy for MmoGah to gain good reputation on Trustpilot and EpicNPC. MmoGah is really worth being trusted and works for you with heart and soul all the time.


Above all, we totally understand that you will be anxious when your gold gets removed. At the time, you just take it easy and actively coordinate with our customer service reps, MmoGah will give you a satisfactory answer. Please trust us!

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