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# 33 Zod(Ladder HC)
Annihilus(Ladder HC)[Unidentified]
Hellfire Torch(Ladder HC)[Unidentified]
Key of Destruction(Ladder HC)
Key of Hate(Ladder HC)
Key of Terror(Ladder HC)
#32 Cham(Ladder HC)
#31 Jah(Ladder HC)
#30 Ber(Ladder HC)
#29 Sur(Ladder HC)
#28 Lo(Ladder HC)
#27 Ohm(Ladder HC)
#26 Vex(Ladder HC)
#25 Gul(Ladder HC)
#24 Ist(Ladder HC)
#23 Mal(Ladder HC)
#22 Um(Ladder HC)
#21 Pul(Ladder HC)
#20 Lem(Ladder HC)
#19 Fal(Ladder HC)
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About D2R Ladder HC Items

D2R Ladder Items

One of the options for playing the ladder mode is hardcore (HC), which means that the character has only one life and will be permanently deleted if they die. This adds an extra layer of difficulty and thrill to the game, as players have to be more careful and strategic in their choices. HC ladder players also have access to exclusive items that are not available in the normal mode, such as Annihilus and Hellfire Torch charms, which grant powerful bonuses to the character's stats and skills.

Some of the popular builds for HC ladder players are the Sorceress, the Paladin, and the Assassin. These builds require specific items to optimize their performance, such as Spirit Sword, Spirit Shield, Lore Helm, Treachery Armor, and various runes and Runewords. HC ladder players can buy these items from online stores like MmoGah or trade with other players.



Buying D2R Items Delivery Method


1. Use the Trading Function: Please accept our trade request.
2. Drop and Pick Up: Please pick up the Diablo 2 Items we dropped on the floor.

When placing your order, please enter the information needed, which can differ depending on the platform you are playing on:
● PC: Battle Tag and Character Name
● PS5/PS4: PSN ID and Character Name
● Xbox One/Series X|S: Xbox Gamer Tag and Character Name
● Nintendo Switch: Switch Friend Code and Character Name

After your order is confirmed, we will deliver D2R Items to you by sending you a friend request, so please keep online and accept it.


About Delivery Time

We will deliver your items as soon as possible. Please accept our friend request. Then we can directly invite you to our game no matter in which region you are.

There are some special items like Gheed's Fortune, Annihilus, and Hellfire Torch that you can not put more than one in your inventory, so if you already have these items in your inventory, please put them in the account share stash before we deliver.


How to Buy D2R Items at MmoGah

To access the D2 Resurrected items landing page, select D2 Resurrected by clicking “View All Games” at the top of our website or “Item & Accounts” on the left navigation bar. Next, select PC/PS5/PS4/ Xbox/ Switch and D2R Ladder Items SC/ D2R Non-Ladder Items SC/ D2R Ladder Items HC. Choose the item(s) you want by selecting a category or inputting the item name(s).

Then, add your D2R items to your shopping cart or click “Buy Now.” Input the information required correctly on the payment page and click “Pay Now”. If you didn’t find the needed items, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Enjoy your game.


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