[US-Alliance] Gold
Delivery Time : 30 min(s)
Available Stock : 1000
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 1

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Thanks for coming here, we're selling gold ON ANY US-Alliance realm:
1million (1'000.000G) for 110USD thats around 9090G for 1 USD

Local timezone: CST Time
Delivery time: it will take between 10 minutes to 1 hour to trade you the gold right after we confirm the payment.
Method: We recommend to use the Auction House (You'll post a random item for the amount of gold you purchased, we will buy it) but we can trade too (Please trade us a random item).
Any questions? Please feel free to ask us anything you want, we can deliver to horde too but you'll pay an extra 30 USD for the faction service.
We can sell you less than 1M gold for an 1.50USD rate per each 9090G

- Easy, fast and cheap, exactly what you looking for! -