122 Combat. 1829 Total.
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Selling my account because I have recently lost interest in the game.

122 Combat Level. 236 Quest Points. 1829 Total Level.

Notable Quests Completed: Desert Treasure, Legends' Quest, Lunar Dip/Dream Mentor, MM1, Recipe For Disaster.

Achievement Diary: Ardy 34/42 All Medium Complete. Fally 26/42 All Medium Complete. Kandarin 36/43 All Hard Complete. Lumby 28/41 All Medium Complete. Varrock 37/42 All Hard Complete.

100% Arc/Hosidius Reputation.

Notable Items: Full Rogue's Armor, Full Graceful, Full Void, Dragon Defender, Barrows Gloves, Thieving Pet, Farming Pet, Small/Med/Large RC Pouches, Seed Box.

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