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2154 Total 251 QPs 126 Combat
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I have no interest in the game anymore and could use extra money in my life, so I am selling my main account that I have had for years.

2154 Total.  251 QPs. 126 Combat.

Achievement Diary:
Ardougne 100% COMPLETED
Falador HARD Completed 36/42
Fremennik HARD Completed 29/34
Kandarin 100% COMPLETED
Karamja EASY Completed 27/44
Lumbridge/Draynor 100% COMPLETED
Varrock 100% COMPLETED
Western Provinces HARD Completed 42/44

Kourend Favour:
Arceuus 100%
Hosidius 100%

Notable Items:
Full Graceful, Full ELITE Void, Full Rogue's Armour, Full Angler Outfit, Full Pyromancer Outfit, Full Farmer's Outfit, Full Prospector's Outfit, ALL Runecrafting Pouches, Rune Pouch, Coal Bag, Gem Bag, Dragon Defender, Barrow's Gloves, Salve Amulet (ei),Infernal Axe, Completed Zamorak/Saradomin/Guthix/Bandos God Books, Have All 3 Goldcrafting/Cooking/Chaos Gauntlets, Seed Box, Tentacle Whip, Phoenix Pet, Thieving Pet, Farming Pet, Mining Pet, Agility Pet
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