30m gil [Primal]
Delivery Time : 1 day(s)
Available Stock : 1
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 1
Minimum purchase is 100
1 = USD$ 100
USD$ 100.00 BUY NOW

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Secure Payment

30 million in-game gil on any server in the North American datacenter (Primal)

A full game account is required
You must have a retainer capable of selling items on your server.
You must have an item of low value to sell for the determined price, recommended: Iron Ore (1pc) (any vendor)

Price is determined by risk to the seller,
as well as overage charges because of delivery method.

Delivery Method:
You will list an item of your choice on the marketboard of your home server for the price of 30m
Our seller will buy this item and pay the tax.